9 Ideas To Make Money Online At Home With Zero Investment

Make Money Online

Have you ever tried to make money online before? Have you succeeded or not? Haven’t you guided properly? Don’t need to be disappointed anymore because all of your worries are going to end today. Yes, I am going to tell you the best ways to make money online at home without any investment. These are the secrets which nobody tells you but I’m telling you these secrets free of cost. The prize you have to pay for all my efforts in the form of motivating yourself and be a productive individual of society. That’s all.

Let’s start to dig out the mine of luscious ideas.

1) Earn from You Tube

YouTube is a trending source to make money among the masses. To earn from YouTube, you simply need to make a YouTube Channel, uploading quality material in your videos that seem people interesting and useful.

For this, you can make video on any topic according to your aptitude such as educational videos, technical learning, kitchen recipes, beauty tips, comedy videos or traveling guideline.

Share these videos as much as you can with your different social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account to your friends’ circle and attract related audience to make your long journey short.

When your videos get certain subscribers and watch time then you will be able to get your YouTube Channel monetized. After getting your channel’s monetization, you can earn money online at home with your own comfort.

2) Earn with Affiliate Marketing

If you want to earn large sums of money by working online at home, then affiliate marketing is for you. More you work, better you will be paid off.

As you know online shopping is growing with the passage of time and societies are more relying on online buying and selling. If you join any online selling platform then you can earn money in the form of commissions with every selling product.

For this way of online earning, you need to make an account on online merchants such as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Clickbank & promote their product in return of commission.

You can use links of such products in your social media accounts to access a variety of customers who are looking for certain products.   

3) Earn with Online Surveys

You can also make money by completing 5-20 minutes surveys of certain companies. After completing your survey, you need to just give your objective opinion and feedback to the questions you were asked.

You can skip some questions and select few as per your choice. In this source of income, length of the survey, your profile & country in which you live affects your earning.

SwagBucks, Global Test Market, Ipsos, Amazon Survey, Surveys2Cash, Zen Surveys are some sites for online surveys. You can visit them and make money online.

4) Earn by selling Old Stuff

It’s a very easy way for earning. In this source of income, you can sale old stuff & make money online at home.

To make money from this source of income, you have to simply follow 2 steps. First, find out items that are no longer in use and second is to capture some quality photos of those items from different angles. After these two steps you can list these photos on sites like OLX or Quikr for sale.

Interested people shall contact you for buying your product. You can sell to one who offers high prize for your stuff.

5) Earn with Blogging

If you work hard consistently then blogging is way that pays your effort. In the beginning of pursuing your earning with blogging, you have to be very persistent and congruent along with your innovative mind and research-oriented personality.

Generally, you have to work for at least one year or two to earn a handsome amount from your blog. To make money from blogging, you need a lot of website traffic and once you reached to achieve a particular point to get that traffic then you can monetize your blog and earn money.

When a blog is monetized then you can earn money by advertising and membership. Similarly, you can affiliate your blog with different sites such as Amazon, FlexOfficers and CJ Affiliate to promote their products in return of commission. You can also sell your own products and services through your product and multiply your earning. By offering You Tube videos, subscription and paid posts you can also increase your income.

6) Become a Freelancer

Freelancer is a person who is self-employed & not necessarily committed to a specific employer on long-term basis. A freelancer could be a writer, performer, designer or can sell work/services by hour, day, job etc.

Freelancing is famous way of making money after blogging and affiliate marketing. Earned money in freelancing is depends upon the kind of freelance jobs that you perform for your client.

Being a freelancer, you can work as a content writer, graphics designer, web designer. You can also provide services like data entry, digital marketing, video testimonials and SEO as a freelancer.

If you yourself interested in freelancing then you can start your earning through websites like Fiverr, UpWork, and Freelance.in that provides you ready platform with ready clients.

7) Earn with Writing Job

Writing job is also a good way to make money online. In this source of income, you have to write content for individual people, organizations, institutions and blogs. The content you are reading is also a form of content writing.

If writing is your passion or you like to write, then you should go for it. You can visit UpWork, ExpressWriters.com, WriterBay, iWriter, TextBroker and FreelanceWriting to get jobs of content writing. Different writers are paid differently according to their expertise.

8) Earn by creating courses

If you are proficient in your teaching skills or you have specialty in any area then make a high-value course and sell it on different recognized platforms such as Coursera, KhanAcademy, Udemy etc.

Selling online courses are one of the most scalable ways to earn money but before making a course you must follow four important steps.

First, discover best topic of your knowledge that is valuable to audience. Secondly, through surveys & securing pre-orders make sure people would pay for your designed course. Thirdly, if you find intense demand then write, record & edit course as quickly as you can otherwise you lose learners of your course. Last but not the least is to launch the course to student’s email list to get feedback directly from the audience.

To cut the long story short, if you can attract some sort of audience for your online course then you are going to build a long-term sustainable online business for yourself.

9) Earn by becoming Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is just like a personal assistant who work for someone. But he/she provides virtual assistant work online instead of physically present.

At many companies’ sites such as MyTasker, HireMyMom, uAssistMe and Zirtual, you can sign up to provide different services – taking care of websites, writing & proofreading, publishing content, counselling, marketing, coding, website and app development – as virtual assistant.

So, if you don’t know anything about online work. Then simply work under the supervision of other that will guide you what to do.

Finally, these were the 9 best reliable ideas with which you can earn money. Hopefully, your question about “How to make money online at home?” is answered now. You can learn skills from any of the above tasks & start to make money online from today. Different sites provide you training for a fee but if you want to learn free of cost then listen to mentors like Hisham Sarwar that give you training without any charge. If you still feel any query or our assistance, then we are here to help you.

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