Introduction to the world’s fastest-growing Freelancing industry

The advancement of information technology gives births to many constructive revolutions. One of them is the growth of fastest-growing freelancing industry. Nowadays, freelancing is a mainstream industry because most employers prefer independent service providers for their businesses tasks. Surprisingly, almost 59 million Americans are working in the freelancing industry. According to the Upwork report, more than 40% workforce in America is doing freelancing. Therefore, dedicated freelancers are earning almost $80,000 annually.


According to the Payoneer 2019 Global Gig-Economy Index, USA is the first among Top Ten countries with more capitals of freelancing. Followed by the U.K., Brazil, Pakistan, and so on. These countries are ranked at the top because of acquiring a greater share of the fastest-growing freelancing industry. Interestingly, the facts reflect that the freelancing industry has no boundaries at all. Anyone can work from anywhere with anyone around the globe, that’s the beauty of fastest-growing freelancing industry.

Picture credit: Payoneer Top-10 Countries of Freelancing Industry

 This strange shift in the job market and business field opens the door of unlimited opportunities for jobless or unemployed people. Because of the limitless benefits of the fastest-growing freelancing industry, it highly attracts the youngsters, professionals, and skilled people. Amazingly, not only it attracts the jobless or unemployed sector, but almost 75% of jobians also left their full-time job and joined the freelancing industry. The freelancers are the main source of the freelance industry.

Freelancers in the Freelancing Industry:

So, Do You Want To Know Who is a Freelancer? It’s a very simple concept; let’s read about it. A freelancer is a self-employed individual who sells his/her services online through different platforms to multiple clients, being his/her own boss. Interestingly, freelancers sell their services based on their skills or expertise level to clients by setting their own price, targets, timings, and menu. So, there is no limitation for a freelancer; he/she can work full-time, part-time, hour-based, or project-based according to their ease. Freelancer work just like a businessman, entrepreneur, or independent contractor who are free in working and building their community.

A portfolio is a key thing for freelancers because it reflects their skills, expertise, experiences, knowledge, and past work. An attractive and unique portfolio highly contributes to gaining more projects and work in the freelancing industry. Moreover, it also shares resources and knowledge with other freelancers along with encouraging them. The surprising thing is that the number of freelancers is increasing day-by-day around the globe. 

Like all other things, the fastest-growing freelancing industry also has its benefits and downsides that are very important to know by freelancers and those who are planning to be freelancers. Let’s discuss them in brief:

Benefits of the Freelancing industry:

Simple and easy to get started. A person just needs to know about his/her expertise, skills, and the way to communicate with clients to get work. Interestingly, it’s a speedy job to join.

No limitation of place, time, and anything; you just need to have an internet connection and any computer device to get started.

The most important thing is that it is affordable, and at the initial level, it’s free to start. Further, you need to buy some online tools to promote and grow it at professional or business level.

Luckily, luckily, luckily, there are limitless opportunities for you to earn more and more in the freelancing industry. Additionally, talented and reliable freelancers are more demanded now. Because many employers prefer to hire a freelancer instead of hiring a full-time employee.

Do you love to be your own boss? And would you like to be flexible with your job? If your answer is YES, then absolutely you will get these benefits in the fastest-growing freelancing industry.

At the start of your freelancing journey, you will be chosen by clients, but as you will become more experienced, expert, and skilled, then you can select clients at your own will.

It’s all your choice to work from where you are comfortable, work when you want to work, and select tasks that you think you can do best. So, Freelancing is mostly based on your own will and choice. 

Downsides of the Freelancing Industry:

It takes consistent efforts and takes more time to grow it into a business or earn decent money for yourself and to support your family.

The key thing is that there ups and downs for a freelancer because most of the time, there are irregularities in the workflow, unlike the traditional jobs nature. There are days when the work is overloaded for a freelancer, and sometimes they have nothing to do. 

Another downside of the freelancing industry is that it becomes difficult for a freelancer to balance multiple projects and multiple clients in case of having multiple projects.

There is a great difficulty for those who are not punctual because they cannot meet the deadlines and sustain the quality of work.

One of the disadvantages of the freelancing industry is that at the beginning of your freelance career, you have to offer your services at low prices to build your professional network.

Apart from the benefits and downsides of the freelancing industry, there are some key points that must be considered by all freelancers to be successful in their freelance careers. Let’s have a look at these key points.

Things that need to be considered in a freelancing industry:

Interestingly, starting a freelance career is very simple and easy for a freelancer in the freelancing industry. But the main thing is to sustain and grow as a freelancer within the freelancing industry. So, to sustain and grow your position in the most competitive freelancing industry, you have to consider these key things:

Know Who You Are And What You Can Offer; by knowing your skills, expertise, and interest will better help you in deciding about the services you want to offer. There are hundreds of domains (such as social media marketing, designing, writing, data entry, bookkeeping, so on) where you can sell your services. So, it is quite complicated and necessary that you must choose one or more than wisely. Because your whole freelance career will rely on it.

Your Unique Selling Points; after deciding about the service, know you have to think why a client should take your services? What are/is your unique selling points? By critically thinking about that and identifying it will help you out succeeding speedily and timely along with getting more clients.

Stick To Your Targeted Niche; it is very important for a freelancer to stay connected with the selected niche. Get more knowledge and keep yourself updated to grow as an expert in your niche.

Create a Portfolio; it is very important for a freelancer to create a portfolio of his/her work online with the help of any website. Because when you started the freelance career, your clients ask for previous work or portfolio to make them satisfy before working with you. So, focus on creating a portfolio before stepping in into the freelancing industry.

Decide Your Worth; it is very important for a freelancer to strategically think about his/her own worth because it will determine your services selling price. Decide your worth base on your skills, expertise, knowledge, and experience of your services.

Built Your Network; it is very important for a freelancer to build their network by reaching out the potential clients through potential websites. For example, LinkedIn, Fiverr, Guru, Upwork, freelancer.com, and many others are good opportunities for you to build your network.

Keep Yourself Updated; it is a common formula for sustaining one’s competitive edge within any industry. So, to maintain your competitive edge within the fastest-growing freelancing industry, it is important for you to keep yourself updated and flexible towards changes.

One More Thing:

It is a common misperception that most of people take freelancing and home-based jobs as one thing. Surprisingly, both concepts are a little bit different from each other. Freelancers are their own boss because they are free to work with anyone, anywhere, and anytime. But home-based jobians work for a specific business, at a specific time, and with a specific menu. Moreover, home-based jobs also come as a subcategory or division of freelance work under the greater freelancing industry.

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