Learn The Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills For Your Business Success

Are you confident enough to communicate effectively and successfully? Ever you feel the significance of communication skills in your business as well as in your personal life? If you don’t know about these questions or never think about them, Chill! this blog is absolutely going to discuss them. Surprisingly, if you know not only know the answer but also have interesting information regarding these then must share with us because sharing is caring.

Interpersonal skills is such a great thing that greatly contributes to your business success. And also plays a vital role in your personal life too. That’s why you must know about being confident in your communication in the workplace to ensure your success. Therefore, in communication skills, your body language and non-verbal communication matter a lot. 

You can make it possible to go places in your life with the help of effective communication skills. Similarly, poor communication skills negatively impact your success opportunities and dim your success chances. That’s why you must not live your life having poor communication skills but you should learn the ways to improve them. Amazingly, simple and attractive hacks are shared below to improve your communication skills to ensure your business success as well as to make happy your personal life.

Do worry, if you belong from any age group because there is no age for getting business success and learning new skills. Do you ever observe the successful leaders and personalities in your life to find a common intrapersonal communication among them? Yes, they have a common great thing that is effective Communication Skills. Poor communication skills set off your success chances because you don’t successfully convey your message and business that makes the other person or audience off. In this way, you not only lose the business or success opportunities but also lose in parting in relationships.

So, to improve your communication skills you have to follow these three ways by repeating them on regular basis without making a leave. It will make you confident enough to communicate effectively to grab the available opportunities. These ways are following:

  • First, you must read
  • Secondly, you should watch videos to observe and learn
  • The third and most important is to engage in conversation to practice it more and more because practice makes a man perfect.

Furthermore, to improve your verbal communication skills you must have a good vocabulary, pleasant body language, and concise sentences. In the field of Freelancing and online business assertive communication matters a lot all over the world. The investment made in learning effective writing and speaking pays you back 10x. So, little investment of your time and money in learning communication skills is the basic or key way to improve your communication skills.

Moreover, you can also practice coping those personalities whom you thought possess greater communication skills. In this way, you can grow gradually that also possess confidence. When we are unable to communicate properly and clarify things we start to worry that’s why you must improve your verbal communication skills to become successful.

Interestingly, I am also sharing five ways to improve your communication skill, so don’t forget to practice them with dedication. Let’s know about them:

Focus on non-verbal communication:

Non-verbal communication is quite significant in successful communication. You must first understand its importance. Interestingly, the 7% Rule is an amazing non-verbal communication principle that reflects on the importance of effective voice tone and body language. It means if you are capable enough in speaking art then must assist your speaking with moderate animated body language. Because it will increase the chances of given attention to you as a speaker to 93%. Well, the moderate animated body language means you do not appear smaller than you are. Another point to notice is that don’t fold or slouch your arms during the speaking.

Avoid Visuals:

The research studies highlighted that avoid using visuals because it intrapersonal communication. That’s why Steve Jobs doesn’t allow presentations at Apple and Facebook also followed Steve Jobs. However, TED talks used visuals for 18 minutes.

Feedback is important for you:

You are unable to improve your communication skills without getting feedback from people in your surroundings. Just pick up your android phone, record a video for upto three-minutes and send it to people who can give you honest feedback or opinion. In this, you will definitely improve because people’s healthy critic and honest feedback will help you in improving your communication skill. However, during recording the video, you must focus on word selection, the pitch of your voice, and the most important thing your body language.

Get involve yourself in Discussion with people:

It is a fact that people get bored with length speeches because they have a short attentive listening. That’s why to be a great speaker you must engage people in discussion to get their attention. It can be observed that social media preferred short videos because they have high engagement as compared to long-duration videos. So, asking their opinion, questioning them, and allowing them to give feedback helps you to improve your upward communication. Because in this way they feel privileged.

Use appropriate humor in speaking:  

Successful speakers and leaders mostly use humor along with being master in the art of timing. They crack jokes after some time to grab the attentive listening. The humor tool is the best way to engage the audience. Because when people laugh they wait for another joke and in this they give your attention to you.

Do you know about U.S President Ronald Ragan? Actually, he was a former Hollywood actor who masters the art of public speaking along with his best communication skills. He immaculately sets the timing for cracking jokes while speaking in public, which makes his opponents also to liked his public speaking.

So, this is all about the ways to improve your 7c of communication. Well, get more knowledge from books will perfectly improve communication skills. Because speaking, writing, and listening are not only enough to achieve life goals but good reading also significantly matters.  That’s why I am also sharing the five best books that will definitely assist you to improve your communication skills.

“You do not need good communication for securing a good career only, instead, your whole life’s success is dependent on your communication”.

Hisham Sarwar, Founder – BeingGuru.

So, here are the best five books that will assist you in mastering the art of successful communication.

Best books to improve Communication skills

Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion, Updated Edition

This great piece of knowledge helps you in preparing for each verbal encounter. You will know about effective attentive listening and speaking by reading this book. Moreover, it states that engage people with the help of empathy and avoid the common conversational mistakes in your verbal communication skills.

Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone

This book states that communication can play a significant role in removing the barriers between happiness and success. To Remove these barriers you must learn about the most crucial skill which is virtual communication. By listening effectively and being responsive can help you out in filling the existing communication gap.

Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High, Second Edition

This book is most important for those who lack to transform powerful feelings through communication while staying persuasive. Moreover, it also helps in learning the way to implement other feelings and emotions in our communication. Because feelings, emotions, joy, happiness, horror, sadness, and many more emotional communications are considered successful.

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

Interestingly, this book highlights the powerful vision of observing ourselves and our communication. It write all about courage instead of losing and winning. So, you must read this book to improve your communication skill.

Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well

I am recommending this book because it highlights the significance of feedback and understanding the fact that why it is so challenging. However, the book also explains other aspects by giving valuable suggestions also. Don’t forget to read about these above-mentioned books.

The purpose of explaining the above information is to transform a message that communication plays a significant role in the success of life. As we mentioned that all successful personalities and leaders possess the skill of effective communication. However, communication is not only required in private life but it greatly matters to become successful in your workplace or organization. Effective communication also helps in being emotionally resilient and to become a successful entrepreneur.

Therefore, in business and the workplace communication is everything that is required for everything that needs to be done. Surprisingly, communication skills are equally important in all professions and job positions. However, to secure an opportunity during the interview, to advance the career, to enhance performance, and to get a job, all these need good communication skills.

To conclude the discussion I would like to say that if you lack good communication skills then you are capable enough to develop them. Develop them through learning the ways to improve communication skills. Because a little investment in communication skills will give a greater and lifetime reward.


Hy, This is Momna, a scholar, a writer, a blogger. Her aim is to spread positivity, to inspire you, to motivate you, and tries to Push You to do whatever you want. Her Writing content covers business information, business technology, motivation, and guidance. And she believes that if You are able to Think, absolutely, You are also able to do it. She has a Masters of Philosophy in Public Policy. She is also the founder of Digital Kitab Khana.