Top 6 Secrets For Employee Motivation In Any Business Organization

Recruit only that staff who love their work and then construct secrets for employee motivation  like environment & culture which makes your employees to love their jobs.

Mostly management of any business organization doesn’t have any idea about  secrets for employee motivation. Managers remain worried about the demotivation of their employees and ask various questions like, “why employees are not happy with their jobs?” “Why they aren’t motivate?” “why employees aren’t loyal and work harder?”

But the real question is, what companies are doing for the secrets for employee motivation? Do they really provide such an environment that makes employees love their jobs? Because employees who actually love their work often do not love their jobs. Only Love for work is not necessary, workplace environment and what companies do for employee motivation matters a lot.

Business organizations should recruit only that staff who love their work and then construct such environment & culture which makes your employees love their jobs. After the recruitment of capable employees, success responsibility lies on the organization by keeping their employees motivated and on the point.

Employee engagement to work & motivation depends on both how do employees feel apropos their work & what do they practice in the working environment.

Following are some secrets for employee motivation in any business organization:

  1. Praise As The Biggest Secrete To Motivation

Either companies are wanting new profits or trying to diminish expensive turnover, praise is the simplest technique to achieve such goals. Praise can do anything for the business organization.

Managers often underestimate the power of praise. They aren’t aware of the miracles of admiration. When employees do something extra and great they want admiration. If they get praise in return they do their best again for the next time. But if they find no response and admiration then they stop putting their best.

Admiration for work should also be specific depending on the work done by the employees. You can feel the difference between two forms of praises given ahead. Like, if an employee presents a project and the manager says in a hurry, “Good Job!” versus a specific and thoughtful, “Your visuals and framework for this project were outstanding! Your extra effort in your work can clearly be seen!”. Now compare the situation and you will find which one is best.

The organizations which keep on admiring their employees for their work remain successful. An environment of healthy competition prevails and employees stay motivated to achieve more.

  1. Provide Appropriate Feedback To Your Employees

For the development of the human resources of an organization, feedback plays an important role. Feedback helps the firms to obtain much more from the staff than otherwise situation. Honest and objective feedback is a valuable gift you can give to your employees.

Feedback is the thing that employees themselves crave about. According to research, employees more specifically Millennials want extra feedback than they already receive.

When managers give appropriate feedback to their employees they come to know that their work is being judged and taken into consideration. They get motivated and work more hardly so they may get a good and happy response. And if they already do a great job, they will automatically get very good feedback from the management and then employees will work with more enthusiasm.

Effective feedback results in getting positive output like:

  • Priorities and expectations are aligned
  • Knowledge gaps are filled up
  • Employees get to know where are they wrong and where corrective actions are needed
  1. Make Investment In Skills & Development Of Employees

When you recruit your employees on the basis of their skills and the work they love, you make the impression that you value your employees’ skills. This makes employees much motivated. They do their best to put all the skills they have so that the management may feel happy with them.

But with the passage of time, this motivation may be rusted and employees may feel no more motivated. To handle this situation, management needs to invest in the skills & development of its employees continuously so that they may remain motivated till they exist in the organization.

For this, management is needed to invest their energy, time, and even other resources for the skill development of their human resources. This will make the employees more productive and more motivated to achieve more for the organization.

  1. Provide Freedom & Flexibility

Providing flexibility to your employees regarding the completion of their projects, tasks, and work as whole free from micromanagement is one of the most powerful secrets for employee motivation.

Management should allow their employees to have flexibility regarding where and when they want to accomplish their tasks with one obligation that the work should be worthy enough.

This flexibility will make the employees to work with more responsibility and it will also put the employees on track with more motivation. After giving freedom and flexibility, leaders would be more surprised to see that employees are utilizing their skills more efficiently by adding their unique touches to their projects.

This freedom & flexibility will result in an environment full of fun and having a relaxed and creative workplace that drives innovation, motivation, and productivity.

  1. Giving Reward & Recognition

When it comes to employee motivation in any organization, giving rewards and recognition is of great importance. When an employee does something great then it is need to reward him with some bonus. Monetary reward makes the employees happy and then they work with more enthusiasm and hard work to get more rewards in the future. This benefits the organization a lot. Profits and success graphs would go up and up due to this practice.

But in some cases, only monetary rewards are not enough. They want recognition, distinction, or promotion. These rewards act like miracles. This intemperance for promotion and recognition does not let the employees to deviate from the hard work and to achieve success for the organization and keep them motivated.

  1. Interesting & Challenging Work

Leaders and top management always try to get more and more from their employees. To achieve this objective, they should make their projects more creative and interesting. Often, employees get bore from their daily same routine which decreases their motivation level.

If leaders introduce creative work projects this will excite the employees and they will enjoy working their tasks which will give more productive and profitable situations. An employee are ask why is he so motivate with his job? He answered, “I love my work and coming every day to work. My managers continuously push me to expand my vision and challenge me to create something new every day.”

This shows how much employees get motivate by creative and interesting tasks.

In sums and substances, it can be state that employee motivation matters a lot for the efficient completion of projects. There is only a need for the creation of a healthy working environment and making the employees feel that they are value. The work of employees should be regularly assess so that they might be encouraged for their great work. If there is any lacking in the skills of employees that can also be convert into the strengths through motivation. The more the employees are enthusiasts & motivate, the more the organizations get productivity.

Muhammad Amir

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