Innovation In Business—Not A Bandage But A Surgery To Remove Old Tumour

The only thing constant is change. If you want to remain competitive and in the game, innovation in business is the way forward!

Innovation has proved to be the cornerstone for the growth and opulence of business and economy at large. Innovation is referred to as creative thinking and the adoption of new ideas in order to enhance the working of existing products & services and then to achieve customer value.

The main purpose of any business is to earn a profit. To achieve this ultimate goal, entrepreneurs try a lot of things to capture a huge portion of the market. Those “trying a lot of things” may contain abolishing orthodox techniques, technologies, way of management, changing business models, and many more. This would set a completely new path of success for entrepreneurship.

In the success of any kind of business, successful innovation plays a vital role. Furthermore, efficient processes can be created which can provide better performance and productivity. This adoption of new ideas and the elimination of old technologies will help businesses in being successful and to grow beyond the competition in this competitive world.

Following are the motives of innovation in business which help them to grow.

  1. An easy solution to various stumbling blocks

Sometimes in entrepreneurship, you face very serious obstacles and apparently you feel that there is no solution to it. But in fact where is there is a problem, there is a solution. The only thing needed for this is to think creatively and smartly.

Businessmen need to be more creative and to think outside of the box then they will find such ways that will not only remove the stumbling blocks but also be able to use such adverse circumstances as opportunities for them.

By adopting innovative ways of thinking businesses can introduce new products, store the inventory for a longer period of time, and can make their business much better than before.

Moreover, innovation can provide more advanced methods which can solve various problems so quickly that the normal working of business cannot be affected. Solutions also come with more benefits than future hurdles can also be depicted and their solutions as well.

  1. Boosts Up the Productivity

If you feel as grind to a halt due to immense workload and scuffle for getting the things done efficiently and effectively, you have to become productive. For this purpose, start discovering new processes.

The focus should be on the things which you have to streamline and on that thing which you are require to cut out. In innovation, the focus must not be diverted from the workflows and programs which are compulsory for the enhancement of productivity.

An example can be taken regarding this, that the Home-Grown tracker system for any project can be use to monitor, assign, and prioritization of tasks. Other methods can also be use vis-à-vis this, but it is recommend that build only that one system that can be updated and changed with changing needs at any time in order to increase productivity.

  1. Achievement of Competitive Edge

In the present era, where there is a war between companies to grasp more portion of the market, it’s very important to achieve that one thing which makes you stand out and makes you prominent in the crowd.

Innovative products and services help businesses to achieve that competitive advantage. This edge differentiates them from others and their product is preferred more by the customer than other companies.

If companies want to remain in the game and want to earn more profits, then they must bring innovation in their business with the passage of time and should not stick to one technology and processes for so long. Because demands of customers change with the passage of time so, entrepreneurs should also produce the products which might match the needs of the customers otherwise they will switch to other brands.

  1. Augmentation of Brand

A brand would remain popular in customers only when it keeps on meeting the changing demands of customers. And brings more easiness in the products along with the increased efficiency. This is only possible due to bringing innovation in business.

Organizational leadership has a common practice known as brand development. This practice helps entrepreneurs and provide them with useful information about how to become more innovative in their brand.

A good manager identifies the importance of the innovation and hence, develops the skills of creativity in him. So, the brand may remain up-to-dated and more creative than others. Entrepreneurs give away the old techniques and bring new products with advanced features to place their brand on the top.

  1. Getting More Benefit From What A Business Already Have

Only creating a new product or service is not enough instead, there should be more focus on the development and enhancement of existing products of the company. Innovation in business ensures improved efficiency and effectiveness, new customers, increased profits, and reduction in the wastage of material.

When a business adopts continuous improvement and innovation practices it would not only attract more customers and staff members but would also satisfy the existing ones. This benefits the business in the long run and improves the health of the business as well.

  1. Advantage of Distinctive Selling Point

Consumers take innovation as anything that adds value and additional benefit to product and business at large. The innovation in business is use in a perfect way. It provides benefits commercially and more specifically in that market which is saturate and is shifting rapidly.

It would give positive exposure in media and the customer’s pf that business would also be willing to pay extra amount of money for that product which is well-made and up-to-dated. And will pay less attention to that product which is albeit cheaper but less exciting than the other one.

Moreover, innovation in business captures the world’s attention at large as now the world is depict as a global village. Global markets can be capture through innovation and the revenue percentage could be increase to a remarkable level.

  1. Continuous and Sustained Improvement in Business

Innovation provides businesses with organizational sustainability as businesses tries to keep on bringing improvements on a regular basis. Rebranding and repackaging are two forms of improvement amongst many others.

This continuous business improvement keeps the organization on the road of success and to remain stick to achieve the organizational goals. Innovation in business also ensures the continuous engagement of customers with the products and services of the company.

For example, when Netflix start its business it was just on a smaller scale. It followed the strategy of continuous improvement in the business by bringing innovation to it and making it up-to-dated. And now is the time when Netflix’s worth is $32.9 billion.

In sums and substances, it can be said that the only thing constant, is change. If you want to remain competitive and in the game, innovation is the way forward. Innovation is prove to be an impatient pursuit of being always better. Entrepreneurs have to adopt new ways in regular operations and in the products as well. If businessmen want to align their steps with the changing environment. They must change their own processes apropos being successful in the competitive world of business. Entrepreneurs should follow these four “be’s” to remain in the limelight and those are,

creative! innovative! Be up-to-dated!  smart! & Be successful!

Muhammad Amir

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