How To Stay Positive: Amazing Life Hacks

“Only in darkness, you can see the stars” –Martin Luther King Jr.

Often we all are advised to stay positive and to look at the brighter side of amazing life hacks. But sometimes it proves to be herculean when you feel yourself drowning in the muddy waters of negativity and pessimism. But then again it is the positivity that will pull you out from the quagmire of negative thoughts and depression.

Albeit staying happy is an important ingredient for staying positive nonetheless, it is not the only definition of staying positive. But it means, having confidence & hope that you have the ability to get over the tough situations, looking at the best and brighter sides while experiencing sadness, challenges, or anger, and keeping one thing in mind that nothing is negative and destructive all the time. TIME CHANGES! SITUATIONS CHANGE! ADVERSARIES CHANGE! Just stay positive and focus on the silver lining of dark clouds. 

To stay positive at work and in personal life is equally important. Therefore, I have brought some amazing life hacks for you so you may surround yourself with positivity and hope in both professional and private lives. Let’s get started!

  • Make a list of questions for yourself

So the first amazing life hacks to stay positive is to prepare a list of questions to be asked from yourself in the difficult times. It is the simplest way to make your mindset as optimistic. Because the questions being asked to yourself while having negative and uncertain circumstances make a huge difference in your life. It will either lead you to further destruction of mind or will open new ways to handle such situations.

A pessimist person might ask himself questions like:

  • “Why always me?”
  • “Why bad things always happen to me?”
  • “Am I such a bad person that I suffered this much?”

While a person who believes in positivity in every matter might ask different types of questions from himself that could open up the viewpoint, possibilities, and a new mindset. A few of those questions can be:

  • “Good or best thing about the present situation?”
  • “What should I learn from it?”
  • “What could be the least step that I should take to solve this situation?”
  • “Yes! I can handle this! But how?”
  • Be grateful for what you have

If you want to stay positive & happy in your life, then learn to be grateful for what you have instead of crying for what you don’t have. There will be no room for depression if you recognize the so many things in your life for what you should grateful for. Consider the smallest things you have and just realize that you still have these in your life what most of the people don’t have.

According to a research, our brain focuses more on the negative aspects of life like failures, tragedies, worries, disappointments, etc. than the positive things. Therefore, do focus on the good things of your amazing life hacks too.

In order to do so, make a list of gratitude i.e, all the best things you have no matter how much minor they are. Then read that list whenever you feel down. This habit will entice more blessings to you and you will stay positive and much better in your life.

  • Surround yourself with positive environment

Surroundings affect your mental condition a lot. If you are surrounded by such people who are energy vampires and sucks all of your energy by inducing negative thoughts into you then JUST RUN! Because such people will bring no good to you but disaster.

It is extremely important to surround yourself with positive people who support you in getting over bad situations and help you to stay positive. These people can be your colleagues at work, friends at university, or buddies at your living place.

Spend your spare time by reading good & positive books, listening to good music, or watching funny or motivational movies. Just don’t kill this time by crying over the bad things that happened in past. Make your environment as positive as you can.

  • Start a regular workout

Just thinking optimistically is not enough to stay positive all the time. Mental and physical health both are equally important and you have to take care of both. According to a research held by the University of Toronto, physical activity aids in fighting depression. This research revealed that exercising regularly releases such endorphins which creates a good mood in you.

Regular workout makes your mental and physical state sharp which helps you to fight the difficult situations, to boost up your self-esteem, and to stay positive as well.

  • Store your brain with good memories

Thomas Gilovich is a psychologist who conducted research and found out that, what you store in your brain is what you really are. If you fill it with bad and negative memories, your personality will also reflect that negativity.

Therefore, store your brain with all the good moments you ever had in your life. These memorable moments will strengthen your mind and would help you to cherish the adverse situations with courage. This storage can prove to be a treasure, a very prestigious treasure.

  • Help others

Helping others and volunteering yourself for societal benefits can uplift your spiritual health & can give you a sense of internal peace. Only running after the materialistic things cannot help you to stay positive & happy in your life.

According to researchers, when you spare some time, money, or any resources for helping others it casts a substantial effect on the positive side of you and on your happiness as well. This is because of the reason that while helping others your full focus would be on the things you would be doing for others rather than the negative people and adversaries of your life.

  • Meditation

Meditation can improve your attention, focus, and clarity that keeps your brain calm and peaceful. It restrains you from getting tensed & stressed. It helps you stay positive and happy in the long run. Make a habit of meditation in amazing life hacks so you might focus on what is more important and what to ignore.

A Harvard researcher named Matt Killingsworth presented a theory the crux of which is, “a wandering mind cannot make you happy.” And meditation helps you to overcome such a situation. It is helpful in forgetting the past & not worrying about the future. It makes you live in the present moment.

  • Be Expressive

There are many things that are happening in our lives but we don’t share it with anyone but keep only to ourselves. Such feelings keep collecting and make a boodle of it which suppresses our inner self and confidence. And when we lose our confidence, no room for staying positive is left.

Therefore, learn to express your feelings wholeheartedly because those who suppress their feelings make a really bad deal for their happiness. After expressing your feelings, you would really feel relieved.

Always have someone you trust the most, to whom you might open your heart up and who really understands your condition. But if you don’t have such a person, don’t worry, be trustworthy for yourself, and pen down all situations you are going through.

  • Accept & find solutions

Most of the people are repellent & cannot accept the changes that happen to their life. This unacceptance derives a person away from positivity and happiness. They must change their habits of unacceptance and must learn that in this life, everything doesn’t happen according to our own will all the time.

Everything changes with time and that’s how this amazing life hacks is actually meant to be. Albeit you face the worst situations in your life but don’t forget that there is always hope. where there are problems there are solutions. Just accept the adversaries of your life and start thinking seriously about the solutions. Once you train your mind to stay positive all the time, tragedies won’t destroy you anymore.

In sums and substances, when you think that the problems & responsibilities of your life are too big and it’s impossible to stay positive and motivated in such situations, think again. Because it is never too late to start thinking positively and live a happy life.

What are your secret hacks to stay positive & happy in your life? Tell us in the comment section below, we would love to learn from you.

Aansa Ahmed

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