10 Startling Ways To Make Workplace Better & Fun: To Increase Productivity

“If you want to win the make workplace better you have to win the workplace first!” -Doug Conant

Happy employees ensure the good health of the organization. So why not to care about them? They deserve to work in workplace a healthy environment and they must be allow to have fun at the randstad workplace. To treat the employees of the organization as human beings not the machines is extremely needed for the success of any organization. And to achieve this motive it is necessary to make the  great place to work 2020 better and fun.

So that the employee workplace may work with full zest having a good and happy mood. According to a research, an organization having a happy workplace environment increases the employees’ productivity to 43% and lowers the turnover to 51%.  This results in an increase of 33% profitability.

Hence, just keeping an eye on the employees’ work for the sake of productivity is not beneficial but to make the diversity in the workplace better and fun holds the same or higher importance. Here are 10 startling ways that will help you to make workplace culture better to increase the productivity of the employees:

  • Give employees permission to have fun

All-time strict rules and professional behavior makes toxic workplace the employees get exhaust. They get bore by this organizational culture which results in the reduction of their productivity. Alternatively, if the leader himself does fun during the work, it gives the other employees permission to have fun as well.

But it doesn’t mean to have fun all the time and to ignore the work. But it means to work professionally while having fun at the same time. Laugh at the mistakes being commit by you instead of staying worried all the time.

Employees must be given a relaxation to have a light chit chat with peers during work communication in the workplace, to find opportunities from adversaries joyfully, and to have a casual talk with the boss. Such a culture will lead to a happy mindset. And the thing which matters the most for creative workplace relations is your mindset.

  • Consistently deliver recognition

Praising and giving recognition to the employees for their good work is the best thing that an organization can do. Consistent recognition serves as the cherry on the cake for employees’ motivation and for increasing their productivity.

According to a research in America, the number one reason behind Americans quitting their jobs is, not being appreciate for their work. Yes, it’s true! That’s how much appreciation carries value for the success of an organization.

So if you want to make workplace wellness better for your workers, the thing which you have to do is keep appreciating your employees for their efforts and hard work. Create a proper system to make it easy. SnackNation is an organization which appreciate its employees every Friday by making a call named as “Crush it Call”. In this event, whole staff gathers in a circle in front of the room of that staff member whose work was awesome that week. They all praise him for “Crushing” that week.

You can also appreciate your employees by conducting award ceremonies for the best performance. This activity also increases productivity and makes workplace conflict better.

  • Offer significant perks

If you think that paying your employees more would cause workplace happiness and would make workplace conflict better, then think again. Now, the pay raise is not sufficient to make your employees happy and satisfied but you have to think above this. With the change of generation, the priorities have also changed.

Millennials take the compensation as a threshold instead of a scorecard. Therefore, to increase the productivity of your employees you have to offer such perks that really improve the quality of the employee’s life. Also, make them feel that you care about them. Offer them facilities regarding health, child care, wellness programs, and recreational tours.

This isn’t a new thing but many top companies already offer extensive. Perks like Facebook, Google, and Apple boost the workplace happiness and make workplace better.

  • Arrange fun events

Arranging fun events in the organization is another good practice to make workplace better and joyful. This allows the workers to interact with each other which makes the relationships strong and boost their bond.

It is the fact that when you have friends at your happy workplace, you go office happily and work becomes more fun. It creates a sense of cooperation between colleagues by making them feel that they all are together in this thing we also need age discrimination in the workplace.

Moreover, through these fun events leaders also get close to their staff and they come to know their problems as well. And arranging fun events doesn’t mean proper functions but small things may also count like Happy Hour or hang out on the half-day of Friday etc.

  • Establish social committee

Hate them or love them, but no workplace is complete without a social committee. Do form such a committee to make luma workplace better and organized. The committee consists of elected representatives or volunteers from all departments, who work together to organize the fun get-togethers and make equality in the workplace.

In this committee, everyone is given chance to present his idea about how to make workplace better and more fun. A well-organized social committee can bring much more to the organization rather than merely making the workplace better and more fun.

Regular and organized events through the social committee would build sturdier relationships as well as the loyalty and engagement of employees will soar!

  • Team-building exercises

Sitting in the four walls of the office all day long is not good for the morale of the employees. It is also hard for them to stay focused no matter how much quantity of coffee is being provided to them. It is also a fact that employees can’t refrain themselves from mingling and speaking to their peers. They just can’t sit all day.

Therefore, why not do something for them? Take them out of the organization for team outings. You can also often arrange the meeting outside the meeting rooms, in some local parks. It is good for the employees and organization as well to change the scenery & to know each other more on a personal level.

  • Decorate your workplace

Allowing your staff to decorate their offices or cabins according to their taste is also a great booster for their motivation and productivity. They feel valued for this incentive because the surroundings matter a lot for productivity.

Dull and bore offices are also the reason for lower motivation level and lower productivity. But if they decorate those boring offices according to their own taste, it can act as magic. Decoration may include family & pet photos, creative paintings, cool showpieces of their favorite cartoons placed on the tables, fresh flowers, and bright colors of their choice for table, walls, or office gadgets. 

  • Laughter yoga

Supporters of the laughter yoga claim that voluntary laughter has the same psychological and physiological benefits as spontaneous laughter. Therefore, try this at your workplace as well to reduce the stress level.

Try the laughter yoga before attending the official meeting with the colleagues. This will not only reduce the stress level but will also make virtual workplace better, joyful, and productive. And the meeting being generated after the laughter yoga will definitely result in the creation of new and creative ideas.

  • Design a wall of fame

Designing a wall of fame in the organization is also a great stimulus for enhancing the workplace environment and for employees’ motivation as well. Decorate this wall with various awards, thank you notes by clients, the best employees of the year, clipping of the company’s successes, best projects, & so on.

This will not only make the organization’s healthy workplace look good. Furthermore, also will motivate employees to work harder to have the name on the wall of fame.

  • “Success bell”

In some organizations, a bell is hung up in the happy workplace accessible to all. The purpose of this success bell is to be rung at every success achieve by any staff member. Even when an employee helps the other colleague or a staff member makes a new sale, or a member signs a deal with a new client they ring the bell in the name of that staff member & everyone cheers!

This success bell can also be proved to be a good way of making the workplace better and more fun. In order to get attention and praise from all staff, the employees would try to achieve more and more.

So, these were some tips for your help to make the workplace better and joyful so that the productivity might be increased. Now it’s your turn to tell us about creative ways being use by your organization for making workplace better. Tell us in the comment section below!

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