7 Habits of Successful People

Are you successful in your life? Are you satisfied with your present condition? I know being a Pakistani you have a lot of problems to face. But now all of your worries are going to halt because I’m going to expose 7 habits of successful people that are research-based and extremely practical. Read this article thoroughly and implement it in your life. I guarantee your success if you carry out these habits.

Let’s start to dig out researched-oriented habits of successful people.

1) Take 100% responsibility

“You must take your personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind but you can change yourself.”- Jim Rohn

The first thing that make you successful is taking your responsibility for your mistakes in the journey of success rather to allege others.

If you want to be successful then don’t claim that your country is poor, political leaders are not good, economic conditions are bad, people aren’t co-operative, employment opportunities is limited, poverty is prevailing and so on and so forth.

Don’t you observe people who live & grow with you and they excel in their lives while you stood on the point where you were? Have you ever thought why this happens even both you and your fellow face same situation, same factors?

The difference is, they take responsibility. They make mistakes, learn from them, keep on working and succeed. They don’t wait for opportunities to be successful rather they make opportunities for success.

On the contrary, you become the one who always wait for the time when conditions would be normalize & you will get opportunity. That’s the reason of your failure.

Don’t blame others for your failures because lame people blame people while consistent people compete people. Always take 100% responsibility of your success to prosper in your life. Take oath from today that you will make yourself answerable for your faults instead of blaming others and whatever the factors and conditions, you will never give up. Here, I’m have a very impressive quote of Arthur Ashe to motivate you. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Write it down on a paper & paste where you can see it daily. It will help you to remain motivated and never to cough up.

2) Decide Carefully What You Want

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” —Andrew Carnegie

Many of you don’t know what they want because they never think about what they want exactly. This is the biggest issue. First of all, you have to decide whether your goal is to get a job from the owner or to be the owner of your own business. You have to decide whether your objective is to have a house to live in or a car to drive. It would be your decision that either you want a girlfriend to marry or money to enjoy a better lifestyle. It’s totally up to you. If you would not decide what you exactly want, then you are not going to be successful. This is the habit that makes successful people successful.

Another important question is what makes you congruent with your goal. Yes, consistency with the goal is more important than goal setting. You need some motivation to be consistent with your vision. The motivation could be anything. Anything that forces you to work. Anything that prohibits you to give up.

For example, If your father is a greengrocer and you want to turn your home conditions by getting a good job then nothing could be more motivated to you than the sweat of your father when he came back to home after work. That sweat will motivate you to prepare yourself for a job all night on regular basis.

3) Believe Its Possibility

This is an important habit of successful people. When you decided that what your goal is exactly then believe in yourself that you can do it. To make your dream reality is possible at least for you.

The important thing that you must keep in mind while setting a goal for yourself is to make sure that your goal must be achievable and time constraint. A simple example of this is that if you live in a house with your family on a rent basis & you make a goal of getting 10 million homes in the next 2 years then it is impractical for you. You are not making a goal instead you are just dreaming of. You can upgrade your goal with time to time but instantly avoid such stupidity. Robert Herjavecl said: “A goal without a timeline is just a dream.” So, design your goal that is attainable in a certain time period otherwise you will suffer.

4) Put your efforts wholeheartedly

“Success is not a bed of roses, it’s a walkway of thrones. It’s a combination of consistence, hard work and sacrifice. Be ready to bleed and get ready to bath in your own sweat.”

Among the habits of successful people, it’s an important habit that they put their energies to the level best. If you decide something but you do nothing to achieve this, then how is it possible that you will find it.?

You can’t achieve something until or unless you will not deserve it. First you have to prove that you deserve before you get the results. Maybe you find something accidently and you assume that a miracle and you never deserve to achieve that, then remember you will never be able to prosper with what you have achieved because you lack ability to handle and secure that status. Therefore, for long term happiness and success, you have to make yourself able to attain your goal by putting your 100%.

Of course, you have to make sacrifices for success and mind it that no one is succeeded without making efforts whether people realize it or not.

You may be also one of those who only see successful persons. But have you ever thing what sacrifices has he/she made for that success?

So, make sacrifices when your friends go for partying, hoteling, watching movies and long drives to waste their time. Perhaps for the time being you disappointed and was taunted by your fellows. But be congruent and work for day in, day out and long hours of every single day. Consequently, you will see that they were wasting their present time to spoil their future and you were the one who made every minute of your life productive and salutary.

5) Seek Mentorship

It’s true that there is no way of success, but mentors are those who make your journey short.

Mentors and seniors are needed because you don’t have all answers and you don’t know everything. May be many of you don’t agree with me but have you ever observed that mostly unsuccessful people have a big ego. They don’t want to socialize with people and listen to the people. Their ego don’t allow them to do so.

Your ego is not your amigo.It will ruin your future. It will make you unsuccessful for forever. If you wanna be successful, then don’t allow your ego to halt you from seeking mentorship.

A common example of seeking mentorship is that if you want to be doctor then your mentor would be a senior doctor. You can’t make an engineer or chartered accountant your mentor. Mentor is someone who is senior from you, who have achieved what you want to achieve. A mentor will give you a right path, a right direction.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey

6) Have Enthusiasm

“Enthusiasm can help you find the new doors, but it takes passion to open them. If you have a strong purpose in life, you don’t have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there.” ― Roy T. Bennett

If you have passion to achieve something, then you can do it. A potential aspirant can convert a barren land to fertile.

Always keep you fill with enthusiasm. Don’t be lazy and work shirker. Be energetic and organized. Have you ever noticed that successful people are more energetic than unsuccessful folk?

A CEO people would be more organized and enthusiastic than a daily wager. If you want to be a great person then practice being energetic like great people. Your commitment to work, your consistency with your vision make you successful.

7) Commit to Constant Improvement

A successful person never stops. He makes his tomorrow better than today. He remains in mentorship of his peers to become a better version of himself.

Simple illustration of this is that if you want to be a better cook then you have to try more recipes and learn from other chefs. Similarly, if you want to be healthier then you have to study nutrition, you have to take exercise on regular basis and so on and so forth. The same thing is apply for every profession.

Last but not the least, these were the 7 habits of successful people. If you want to prosper then you need to opt these habits. Tell me which one you are going to implement firstly from habits of successful people.

Muhammad Amir

This is Muhammad Amir, a writer, researcher, and academician. I'm the founder of Inspohigh and my central idea of this initiative is to assist people develop and emerge amazingly through positivity, dedication, determination, information, and guidance. I have been involved in writing content based on business information, motivation, guidance, and positivity for several years. Therefore, through this platform my aims to provide a “Food for thought”, mental guidance, spiritual uplift, business motivation, guidance, inspiration, information, and emotional strength to gain a better life. You are free to change at any point in life only if you aim to do that, because “The sky is no limit”.