The More You Pretend, The Lower You Get

Let’s all have a break from our busy routines and focus on your keep your hopes higher something everyone suffers form in life. You have to encounter numerous situations in your life like, pretending to your boss about your efficiencies, faking your personalities to inspire others as well as window-dressing yourself for those things which you want to achieve in keep your hopes higher in life.

Being, what you actually are not is not only against the “mores” but also against your own self. It has a mirror-image impact and works in the reverse direction. It also turns everything upside down.

Ergo, here are some of the way-outs for being real, genuine, and successful in life.


  • Be yourself

One of the first way-outs is being what you actually are! The true spark always comes out of the true light. Having looked at the lives of successful people such as, Steve Jobs from Apple, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, Bill Gates from Microsoft, Jeff Bezos from Amazon, and Elon Musk from SpaceX are the ones who were really in their beings.

So, stop pretending and start being yourself for achieving the success pinnacle in your life.


  • Speak from your heart

The heart is one of the greatest organs in the human body. It requires serenity and it comes from being genuine. So, stop chanting others’ hearts and start speaking from your own heart. Life is full of trials and troubles, therefore, demands subtle way-outs towards success.

A famous narrative knocks rigorously at your eardrums, “Whatever comes from a heart impressively goes to others’ hearts”. It is also said that “HEART IS ON LEFT SIDE BUT ALWAYS SAYS RIGHT”.


  • Search your inner self

You always tend to beautify yourself with varied ornaments. But have you ever tried to beautify your inner self? So, the third rule is to search out your soul and work on purifying it. The more you know yourself, the more you gonna improve yourself. Hence, this would lead to success.

In addition to that, “The more you gonna be real, the more you gonna get”. All the business giants, the entire fraternity of successful personae, and the mighty thinkers have come across the phase of “searching what they actually want to do”! All of them have penetrated the thoughts of being palpable that led them to the heights of success.


  • Determine your success pinnacle

After having done with “searching your inner self”, all you have to do is, determine your success pinnacle in your life. It is fundamental to become successful in your life. How can you achieve a milestone in your life, when you don’t have any perception about your finishing spot? It is invincible to set the ultimate point to be conquered. How could Ibn-e-Batuta be turned out to a promising explorer, Karl Marx has appeared as a dominant thinker, Einstein is proven a great scientist, Jabir Bin Hayan has emerged as a great Muslim chemist and Jeff Bezos the richest man has thrived as an eminent entrepreneur. This is all because they knew the fact that, by pretending they will get nothing but by being real and determining their zeniths for success.


  • Jot down your daily targets

All of you have some targets to be achieved but don not assemble them appropriately. Start jotting down all of your targets and goals as well as bifurcate them on the “Operational level” to make them easily plausible. Nothing can dare to beat your targets achieving routine unless you do.

It’s a gruesome fact of the life that nothing will come to you unless you go to it. How can you imagine a portion of food to be cooked for you, unless you go and make it ready for yourself?

So, determining targets, listing them down, and striving for them will galvanize your life as well as pave the way-out for the accomplishment of the goals.


  • Be dedicated towards your goals

The next step requires determination, perseverance, commitment, and dedication towards goals. It’s easier to set goals for life but it’s tougher to stay determined and dedicated towards them.

After getting rid of the grave infatuation of “pretending” and then conceptualizing the aftershocks of “achieving less” in return, dedication becomes mandatory for the attainment of success in life. How can you be oblivious to the maxim, “When hard work becomes a habit then success becomes destiny”.


  • Stop being procrastinator

Every one of us is prone to delaying various matters, works, assignments, tasks, dealings, or contracts. But have you ever thought of their dire consequences? Yes, the consequences turn out to be bitter but we tend to ignore after some time and start mistaking again. Just as any issue gets hype on social media for some days but after that everyone starts acting as nothing happened. That is a strange attitude, which would be proven as a futile not fertile.

Now, it is time to delete negligence from your memory cards and feed some responsibility that is belonged to yourself and beloved ones. Therefore, stop being a procrastinator and start fulfilling every work in time to maintain your regards keep your hopes higher and keep your future brighter.


  • Never give up and keep your hopes higher

De facto, numerous troubles welcome you in your way but, “There is always a presence of a silver lining”. Just as sorrow swaps into happiness and dusk turns into dawn, the same as failure switches to success. If a huge string of optimism persists in you then how can you give up?

Pessimism will leave you in dark pits of life and engulf you in lurches. There is a blind alley and no way out to success. When nothing you gonna get by being a pessimist and by pretending then there is no point of making them the part of you. Just hold a scissor in your hand and trim all the fakeness, ingenuity, and pessimism that surround you. So, never give up and keep your hopes higher. Because, “The more hopeful you are, the more successful you are”.


In the Sum and Substance

Nothing gonna help you unless you stop pretending. It’s never too late to start a new.

Muhammad Amir

This is Muhammad Amir, a writer, researcher, and academician. I'm the founder of Inspohigh and my central idea of this initiative is to assist people develop and emerge amazingly through positivity, dedication, determination, information, and guidance. I have been involved in writing content based on business information, motivation, guidance, and positivity for several years. Therefore, through this platform my aims to provide a “Food for thought”, mental guidance, spiritual uplift, business motivation, guidance, inspiration, information, and emotional strength to gain a better life. You are free to change at any point in life only if you aim to do that, because “The sky is no limit”.