21 Lessons for Personal Development in 21st Century

You might be thinking of “21 Lessons for Personal Development in 21st century”, a tremendous and a bestseller book by Yuval Noah Harari, after reading the topic of this particular blog. But, here you need to stop riding thinking-horses because topic is in rhythm with this book but the not the blog is.

This blog is solely based on the Personal Development of a person, a businessman, a worker or an entrepreneur. Personal development is a lifelong process and you change your personality by the time not over-the-night.

Quite often, you might have noticed that plans are made, things are settled down, wrongs are planned to be righted and messes are thought to be sorted down accurately, but left unexecuted in the end. Why so? It is so, because you shift all your focus on plans not planning. The 34the president of America, Dwight D. Eisenhower had put it like this,

“Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

Planning is also about practical step-taking and implementation of all the plans. Although you have decided about revamping your personal development skills yet practical execution of the plans is far behind. Therefore, I have brought to you amazing lessons to enhance your personal development.

Imbue Yourself with Empathy

Personal development requires you to have empathy in you to become successful in your organization in particular and life as a whole. It is all about trying to comprehend the feelings and plights of others by walking in their shoes.

Empathy is just as a barter system, wherein, you have give-and-take relationship. The more you offer, the more you receive, consequently. This insight will enlighten you and help you grow at all grounds of life.

Stop Being Fraidy Cat

Personal development Plan is not solely based on having an awesome IQ level. As, various researchers have proven the factual factors behind the success of people. Following are the elements such as,

  • Goal setting
  • Self-Confidence
  • Perseverance

Be a Frisky Listener

 I personally believe, a good listener is a good responder. So, stay an active and frisky listener. The more you listen with a keen interest, the more you become able to respond accordingly.

Don’t pretend to be an active listener because this way, you are going to disparage your reputation as a manager, a businessman, an entrepreneur, a lay man or a customer. Pluck out all the hurdles out of your trail and become receptive on auditory and visual bases both. Just show that audacity of yours!

Have Nerves of Steel and don’t get scared

The personal development requires you not to be scared of anything around you. All you have to do is, possess the nerves of steel. This would augment your personality growth and you will see a drastic change in your personal and professional life both.

Re-orient your body language

 Verbal and non-verbal communication in the paradigms of businesses is of greater importance. Your communication, interaction, eye-contact, postures and positions speak louder than anything else.

So, re-orient your body language to develop yourself and proselytize your business demeanor. Body language aids you connect with others effectively. This is the tremendous way of improving yourself and achieving the heights of glory.

Have a rapport with others

This one of the astonishing Lessons for Personal Development because it helps bridge and mend the relationships with employees, teammates, fellows, customers, business partners and acquaintances.

You don’t need to rush things. Stay calm. Take a deep sigh of relief and have rapport with others so, you may stay in loop. Having good relations with others can get you along them in very tremendous ways.

Get along with yourself

Do you know, what is the precursor of getting along with other people? The answer lies in all about getting along with your own-self. Yes, it is only YOU who can change your personality and personal development skills.

You need to prioritize yourself, as if you have prioritized your Goals

Learn to appreciate even your minuscule achievements. This way, you are not far behind the accomplishment of your targets because you have turned-out to become inspirational, graceful, charismatic, perseverant, grounded, gusty and determined.

Bar the procrastinations

There are some habits which are innate and others are inspired through varied of sources or people. In addition to that, habit is something which you do on frequent basis. Albeit procrastination is a habit, eats up your chances of nearer success.

Ergo, you have chances to unlearn this termite-like habit which works s a vampire and sucks all your energy. So, put the strong bars and stop procrastinations. Wake up because TIME IS MONEY.

Wake up Early

There is a proverb which has been striking our ear-drums, since ages; “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise!” This is unequivocally correct owing to the multitude of benefits attached to it.

It works like a magic, as, you get enough time for your daily routine life, office work, business dealings, personal matters and what not.

Turn-out to be proactive

Personal development skills offer a lesson of being proactive.

  • They consider themselves to be the BOSS of their lives.
  • They don’t consider themselves as victims of external conditions.
  • Also, they don’t allow others to determine their destiny.
  • The take ownership of the responsibility for the outcomes they attain.

Master the art of conflict resolution

Where people live, there they hold different versions of their opinions. They possess various perspectives of matters of life. So, it is quite obvious that difference of opinion may occur. However, it gets worse sometimes and ends up in conflict amongst people. 

Therefore, personal development urges you to master the art of conflict resolution. Solution oriented people are more prone to achieve personal growth.

Let go of the past

In order to become delighted and ecstatic, you need to let go of thee past. I believe, past is a waste paper. So, take a new paper and start painting your new-tomorrow. Dust off the ghosts of the past and clean out the heart to become a successful person in your life.

Read more, Read often

The more you read, the more you succeed. Believe me, books are the most loyal friend of us. They teach you various lessons of life and enlighten you with the luminous chapters of life trajectory.

This helps you to fulfill the thirst of new knowledge and become more competent. Personal development is mainly liked with reading as well. Reading allows you to adopt new skills and brush up your perspective on various topics related to life, business, economy and relationships.

Bounce Back and Become Resilient

Sometimes you find yourself stuck in the inextricable conditions and don’t see a way-out. Then resilience, the innate ability of yours, comes forth and help your overcome your adversities of life in such an amazing way. Learn to bounce back and hit the nail directly on head of the problem.

Have Stress management skill

One of the most inspiring lessons of personal development is having stress management skills. Stress has abysmal impacts and affects you dangerously owing to mental and physical health both.

If you see the successful and rich people, such as, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook, all have stress management skills. So, Fight it and conquer it.

Leave your Cozy Cushions

All of you tend to find the easiest roads towards success. You stay at hunt of as fresh as daisy sort of thing without putting tireless efforts in it. This demeanor of you halts you to do something and leave your cozy cushions. So, put them aside and get up for your targets as well as become strategically good in your business. 

Share Yourself

Sharing is caring. When you tend to share something, it becomes good for you in the end. No matter, either it is your time, knowledge, feedback, opinions expertise and skills.

Accentuate your will-power

A strong will-power is much required ingredient for the success in the fields of life. All you need to do is, accentuate the will-power and increase the grit in you. This harboring of will-power will aid you to achieve the best of the globe.

Become more mindful

Strive for becoming highly mindful. Stay alert and attentive about the happenings and event but also learn to live peacefully and enjoy the available moments.

Make Workable decisions

You today’s decisions will determine the tomorrow’s fate. So, take the plausible and quite workable decisions to lead a good life in the end. The more workable the decisions are, the more successful the professional life is.

Have a growth mindset

Your attitude exhibits your state of mind. Have a growth mindset by working on the attitude.

A positive mental attitude can move mountains.

Summing up, it can be reiterated that personal development skills are meant to be acquired, as if, goals are meant to be achieved.  The above mentioned personal development goals have been jotted down so that you are able to achieve  dreams of your life by setting plausible personal goals that make you a better person. So, it’s never too late.

Over to you!

Ruby Nawaz

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