Does Morning Routine Work as Energy Booster for Self Improvement

“If you want to upgrade your circle of influence, it begins with upgrading yourself.”

After having a good sleep at night, people wake up next day for new endeavors of life. They maintain and follow a good morning routine. That’s great. Isn’t it? Do you really believe that this kind of routine is benefitting you?

How do you measure and evaluate benefits if your morning routine in your life? Does morning routine work as Energy Booster for the self improvement and self growth? Personal development skills are working for you or not? How do you achieve your productivity and personal development via effective morning routine?  

Why a morning routine?

A routine of your morning which enables you perform your daily tasks and to-do list. Since, the better morning habits guarantee the successful day ahead. It sets a productive tone of a day that ensures the personal growth and success in the life both personally and professionally.

Morning – ‘The period of time between midnight and noon, especially from sunrise to noon.’ – Lexicon Dictionary

Routine – ‘A sequence of actions regularly followed.’ – Lexicon Dictionary

Here are tremendous ways for taking due advantage of your morning routine and rituals holistically:

1. Wake up and Kick start your day for productivity

The planning about what time you’ll wake up at, which things you gonna do and how you’ll prioritize your actions are prerequisite of a good morning routine that will work as energy booster for your personal development and self improvement.

Beginning of the morning on a good note has always good effects on your whole day. For this, you need to go to bed early so; you end p waking early as well. Otherwise, lack of proper sleep leads towards a lethargic and grumpy feeling for a whole day.

2. Make your bed

Start your morning routine via making a bed. You will be encouraged by a simple revelation from my side that I often start my day making my bed. This habit instills a sense of responsibility in me and of course it will do so for you as well.

 ‘Admiral William McRaven explains how making your bed every morning can have a positive impact on your well-being and behavior throughout the rest of the day.’ – Business Insider

3. Get excited and Make the Most out of it

Want to make the most out of it? Want to achieve your personal development targets and plans? So, what are you waiting for? Get excited and prepare a to-do list of your day and start working on it. Plan the tasks that you really look forward to.

Wait! Wait! Is your alarm bell ringing? Yes, then don’t push the SNOOZE BUTTON, just wear a beautiful smile on your beautiful face and get up because your success is just a step away.

4. Hormones of Happiness

What a pretty day it is when it starts with activation of happiness hormones! Hormones of happiness are following ones,

  • Serotonin: mood stabilizer, wellbeing, happiness
  • Dopamine: pleasure, motivational role in brain
  • Endorphins: Pain relief, runner’s high, relaxation
  • Oxytocin: Bonding, love, trust

They are quite vital to make you feel relaxed and better. So, plan what you love to do, what makes you enthusiastic, what turn you out as an energetic person, and then start doing that for the self improvement.

5. Meditation

Add a magical ritual in your morning routine and that is a mindful meditation process. Find a peaceful cranny in your nest and start meditating. This way, you will experience serenity, pacification and become energized as well as sharp for a whole day ahead.

6. Build on Your Knowledge for Personal growth

Morning routine always sets a direction for a day long. Add the habit of building on your knowledge, learn new skills, pursue online courses, read articles and books as well as pen down your favourite topics.

Having a morning routine for getting up early and planning to accomplish various tasks are PRIMORDIAL, add few minutes  in tranquility and work on your goals for self improvement and revamp your personal development in 21st century.

7. Consume Nutritious Meal

Don’t make a mistake of skipping your breakfast. You are nothing without it. Always take it on time; otherwise you’re likely to suffer later on from doing so. Have a balanced diet and drink a lot water to keep yourself hydrated. This strategic guide will help you revamp your personal development skills and have self improvement.

8. Design your routine

Pen down all of your daily tasks, make a journal, use a phone application or keep your personal diary, whatever you like, but map-out all of your priorities for a day long and make a good morning routine that works as energy booster for self improvement for you.

9. Review and update

Staying focused is the key to success. Therefore, you should keep reviewing your morning routine and daily activities to stay relevant and focused. Keep updating all of your routine as per the daily requirements because flexibility is the beauty of self improvement and personal development.

As if something used to work for you earlier, now needs to be reoriented. Try out new things and document them as well. Slowly and gradually, you will get better at designing your best morning routines for self improvement and growth!

10. Once at work

No matter you work from home, leave for the office or a self employed person. Try making most out it every single day. Utilize the momentum you build out of your special morning groove, to become productive during the whole day.

It can be SUMMED UP as having a morning routine which works as energy booster helps you improve and grow. It has a trickle-down effect that benefits everything attached to your goals as well. Design the best one and leverage it for a tremendous success in your life. If you know anyone who could benefit from this blog, please share it down in the comments.

Thank you!

Ruby Nawaz

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