Top 10 skills employers look for in 2025: World Economic Forum Report

Do you think without vision, businessmen or an employee can be successful? Obviously, not at all. That’s why the success and sustainability of a business and a job need to keep an eye on the future upcoming trends. Interestingly, the World Economic Forum report about the top 10 skills employers look for in 2025 that will keep you updated and successful in your business and job.

What will happen if your business will not adapt to future trends?

Let me answer you with an interesting example of BlackBerry. BlackBerry brand was once like the most famous APPLE brand of today. Now nobody hears about BlackBerry because they are no more in the market. The reason behind its failure is arrogance to future changes and not adapting to the changing trends of the global economic forum. That’s why they were kicked out of the market. Similarly, if you will not equip your business and yourself with the upcoming top 10 skills employers look for you will lose your competitive advantage and will face the same fate as world economic forum

Why Adaptability matters in learning the top 10 skills employers look for?

Adaptability is a basic trait in learning new skills because it explains a person’s responses to changes. Being able to adapt to the changing trends and skills helps you to be more competitive. The adaptability trait helps you in learning new skills and top 10 skills employers look for to meet the new challenges. Surprisingly, learning new skills not only helps you to face the challenges but also helps in attaining the upcoming opportunities.

Therefore, according to the World Economic Forum Report, half of the total employees need to reskilling them by world economic forum 2021. The need for this reskilling will be occurred due to “double disruption” one is because of the increased adoption of technology. And the second reason is due to the economic impacts of the Corona Pandemic that also increased the utilization of technology.

According to the world economic forum, learn these top 10 skills employers look for in 2025 because it will assist you in acquiring new employability and business opportunities. The report highlighted that by 2025, there will be a labor shift between humans to machines that will displace almost 85 million jobs.

Interesting, you don’t need to worry because the same labor shift is also an opportunity because almost 97 million jobs would emerge. These jobs will be adapted to this shift between humans, algorithms, and machines. That’s why it is very very important to learn these top 10 skills employers look for.

List of Top 10 Skills Employers Look For:

Let’s read about the top 10 skills employers look for:

  1. Critical thinking and analysis
  2. Analytical Thinking and innovation
  3. Active learning and learning strategies
  4. Complex problem-solving
  5. Creativity, originality, and initiative
  6. Leadership and social influence
  7. Technology use, monitoring, and control
  8. Technology design and programming
  9. Resilience, stress tolerance, and flexibility
  10. Reasoning, problem-solving, and ideation

Some Interesting Facts from Report:

The topmost skills according to the report are “Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving” that employers will look for in 2025. The report stated that these skills consistently remain at the top of the list since the 2016 report.

New Skills in the category of Self-management are emerging such as “Resilience, stress tolerance, and flexibility.” These skills would be at the top of Top 10 skills employers look for in 2020. So, you just need to start learning it Now to Equip yourself for the global competitiveness index to sustain and grow.

Well, the report also shares the LinkedIn and Coursera data that track the new trends about the specialized skills for tomorrow jobs. According to that data, the most cross-cutting skills among them are Human-Computer Interaction, Digital Marketing, And Product Marketing. These skills will be in demand across various emerging disciplines.

Successful organizations or businesses started their planning’s for the training and development of their employees from now. Surprisingly, another important thing businesses are deciding about Online Training Programs Or Online Learning Programs. The report mentioned that the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated this trend of Online Reskilling. This change is already observed by Coursera as they saw a fourfold increase of users, during the mid of April and June of 2020, who wants to grab opportunities for themselves.

Surprisingly, the report reflected upon some estimates about the emerging trend of online learning opportunities. It stated that most businesses are now facilitating their employees or workers with Online Learning Opportunities, with a fivefold increase. However, a ninefold increase is observed in the enrolment numbers of learners who want to grab online opportunities through government programs.

Duration for acquiring some skills among those top 10 skills employers look for:

One to two months:

Interestingly, the platform also provides the learning duration estimates for you for acquiring any skill. If you are willing to spend one to two months learning any skill from the top 10 skills then you must go for marketing, sales, and content writing. These skills would be in demand in emerging professions.

Two to three Months:

Skills such as Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Product development can be easily learned within two to three months. It will help you in expanding your skills. And making you competent for the upcoming opportunities and risks to handle your business and job successfully.

Four to Five Months:

The most in-demand skills of the future may be cloud and engineering because presently, it is also in demand. So, if you want to move on into such roles you just need four to five months.

Coursera data proceeded for Future Jobs Report World Economic Form

The purpose of stating the figures for acquiring new skills is just to motivate you and encourage you for learning new skills. Additionally, it will give you confidence that the shift between humans and machines is not something to worry about global competitiveness report.  It is now Easy and Free to learn new skills and to get access to upcoming opportunities with the help of digital and information technologies world economic forum 2021.

So, to keep your business or job successful and sustainable you just need to devote some time and money to spend on your business or yourself to grab new opportunities. Not only you will pursue new opportunities but you will be also equipped to overcome the risks.

How Much Time Reskilling will take:

Most of the business leaders, almost 94 percent, said that they will reskill their employees according to changes needed with time for the businesses. They said that they expect their employees to reskill themselves according to the changing circumstances of the business market. According to the estimate mentioned in the report, almost 65 percent was expected this in the year 2018.

The report also stated that 40 percent of employees or workers will take almost six months to acquire these new skills. However, the learning duration will be higher in the healthcare profession, consumer industry, and health discipline as compared to other professions. Similarly, the finance and energy sector will also take more time to learn and acquire the new trending skills because they need highly time-intensive programs.   

So, these are all about the World Economic Forum Report that covers the top 10 skills employers or businesses look for in 2025. Sharing is Caring, that’s why it is shared to keep you informed on time about the emerging skills and opportunities. Therefore, don’t forget to upgrade your skills and your business according to the facts and figures mentioned in this report. Interestingly, it is very very very important because it determines your business success and your’s success.

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