Top Demanding Skills In Freelancing Industry

The freelancing industry is a trending and more discussing topic nowadays. Interestingly, I have already written an amazing blog about the freelancing industry with the title of “Introduction to the world’s fastest-growing Freelancing industry.This previously written blog briefly explains about freelancing, truelancer, its trend within the world, its benefits and downsides, and a little more. I am absolutely sure you would like to read more about it. And I know you are also thinking about to join the freelancing industry because it is convenient and interesting for almost everybody.

Luckily, if you decided to join fiverr freelance and is worried about the in-demand skills in the freelancing industry. Then you must continue reading this blog because I am going to explain the most demanding skills in the freelancing industry. I am covering those skills that are highlighted by the topmost websites of the world. I am definitely sure that you will find the information on this blog interesting and workable for you in your journey as a freelancer.

It is very important to know about the in-demand skills or trending or emerging skills because with the passage of time the demanding skills are replaced by other skills with the ups and downs of the job market and world’s changing patterns. For example, Freehand fade, Swift 3d, Macromedia Flash, and many more things are now faded away. Similarly, a very well known thing “Adobe Flash” was a highly demanding skill in the past for websites, but now its no more.

The purpose of above-mentioning examples is just to understand the concept of getting information about the in-demand or trending things about your career field. Interestingly, this blog reflects on in-demand skills in the best freelancing sites that are extracted from the major marketplaces of freelancing such as, PeoplePerHour, Upwork, and

Let’s have a look at the top demanding skills in the freelancing industry. Please note that this listing doesn’t follow any order or priority.

Graphics Designing:

The world is getting more colourful day by day, which increases the demand for graphics designing. If we look around us, or even if we look at this blog, we can point out graphics designing work such as the above-mentioned image, the logo, and so on. Surprisingly, the computing device you just hold require graphics designing, the outfit you wear needs graphic designing, any advertisement you see at top freelancing sites or at any outlet is an output of graphics designing. So, these things increase the demand for graphic designing.

Interestingly, every freelance marketplace posts a decent number of graphic designing projects for you as a freelancer. Additionally, the demand for graphics designing also goes along with the demand for websites and mobile apps development. Because they both need graphics designing from their development process to postings, advertisements, social media posts, and till its every process.

Remember, graphic designing is further divided into many types, such as:

  • Digital Design
  • Editorial/Publishing
  • Branding/Visual Identity
  • Advertising & Marketing Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Packaging
  • Product Design
  • Lettering/Typeface Design
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Design for Good
  • Set Prop Design

If you are interested in learning graphic designing online, then check out this blog “Freely Learn Graphic Designing Online.

Content Writing

Interestingly, most of the freelancing skills are directly linked with each other; for example, if the demand for product designing will increase, it will also increase the demand for creative writing. Because the product needs good writing for its content labelling, advertisement, and for explaining its description. So, with the increasing demand for graphics designing, websites, and mobile app development, the demand for creative writing also increased.

Luckily, all best freelance websites for beginners reflect a huge amount of creative writing projects that are also increasing day by day. So, if you have good writing skills and have command on grammar, then you can pursue your online business and career as a content writer. Moreover, the blog and website writings are taken from those freelancers who have also command on SEO because they want to rank their content also.

Similarly, there are also different types of content writing, such as:

  • Creative writing
  • Technical writing
  • Blogging
  • Web content
  • Social media
  • Industry or expert writing
  • Subject specialist writing
  • News/Journalistic writing
  • Ad and sales copy.
  • Ebooks
  • Email content campaign

Amazing opportunity for the content writers, check  out this blog to explore earning ways “Exploring freelance writers goldmine (List of websites that pay for content writing).”

Website Development:

In this digital world, everything is going to be digitalized, especially businesses. So, every business person or entrepreneur ensures their online business presences. For that purpose, the key thing they need is a website which in turn increases the demand for website development. So, website development is among the most in-demand skill in the freelancing industry.  

Especially, this in-demand skill significantly boosts up by the small-medium businesses who prefer to get a website for their business. This trend takes place along with the boom of easy access to the internet that gives rise to online shopping and digital marketing. In website development, the most demanding category is eCommerce websites.

Interestingly, if you have a development background with essential skills of development, then you must go for it. Almost all best freelance websites for beginners in the freelancing industry, have a huge number of website development projects for you. Just learn the basics of freelancing and avail the hundreds and thousands of online business and career opportunities.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is also the most demanding skills in the freelancing industry. Surprisingly, the SEO skill goes along with the in-demand skill of website development. Because SEO helps in bringing traffic and in better ranking. That’s why the demand for website development also directly influence the demand for SEO.

Interestingly, the SEO skill can be easily learn from any online source. There are a lot of courses available freely about SEO. It takes almost five to six months to become a master in this skill. Therefore, Udemy courses are the most recommendable.

The point to remember, in case of SEO skill, is that you must keep an eye on the changing algorithms on Google because it changes quickly. So, you just need to know about it by keeping yourself updated.

Mobile App Development

It’s the digital age or computing world; more than 80% of the population have a smartphone. Interestingly, most of the routine activities are carryout with the help of a smartphone. This behaviour of mobile phone users gives birth to mobile app development. With this invention, some mobile apps now become a necessary part of our life such as banking apps, shopping apps (like OLX), transportation apps (like Uber), dictionary apps, entertainment apps (like ticktock), and social media apps (like Instagram), and so on.

This usage reflects the demand of the mobile app development skill for businesses. However, based on this increasing trend of mobile apps, clients are now demanding hybrid mobile app development instead of native apps for Android and iOS.

If you have interested in development or have CS or IT educational background you can go for this skill. By grabbing the limitless business and career opportunities online in the freelancing industry.

Social Media Marketing or Digital Marketing

Websites are develop, Mobile Apps are developed, Graphics are ready, and content too. So, what’s next? Is the job done? Or still, anything left? The answer is Yes, the most important thing or Job is still not done. So, what is it? Amazingly, it is digital marketing or social media marketing.

It is also among the top in-demand skills within the worknhire that has surfaced up in a few years due to wide use of guru freelance. The most popular social media websites are Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Link In, and Twitter. Most of the targeted audience of businesses are easily and directly available on these social media sites.

That’s why each business needs to share their website’s product or services with their customers or audience or to give awareness about their website or app, and to sustain the customers with their business. Interestingly, it creates a demand for digital marketing skill in the freelancing industry. The bulk number of small businesses are always looking for a digital marketing expert who can help them to reach out to the desire audience or targeted audience to do their business online.

Surprisingly, no educational degree is require to learn ifreelance; it’s quite easy to learn and practice. Interestingly, everyone can learn it and earn from it along with this; you can also establish your digital marketing business. It’s highly recommend skills for those who want to initiate their business or career as a upwork freelancer in the freelancing industry.

Virtual Assistant/ Data Entry

Amazingly, it’s any other skill category that is easy and simple to learn and practice. And luckily, the skills of being a Virtual Assistant and Data Entry are always in-demand skills of the freelancing industry. You don’t need any specific educational degree and a college degree to do it.

So, just go for it to explore, learn, and earn. Nothing is require to do it just your will and time matters.

Software Development

With the changing norms and trends of this digital age, the demand for software development is also increase with time. Therefore, this skill is a technical one, and only those can do it who has the previous educational background of this field.

If you have the relevant educational background, you can opt for this. It’s an amazing category of in-demand skills within the freelancing industry. A lot of projects are post on a daily basis at the best freelancing sites about software development.

Video Creation and Animations

Interestingly, it’s a human nature that he likes the video content more than text posts or pictures. That’s why social media sites suggest videoing content and animate illustrations more than text posts and pictures. Because people like videos or animations, which in turn increases users engagement.

Similarly, in advertisements video content gives better results. That’s why it boost up the demand for video content and animation. So, if you have an interest in video creation, video editing, and animation creation, you can opt for this skill. This skill can be easily learned through YouTube and anywhere because much stuff is available for learning.

Other in-demand Skills

  • WordPress
  • Angular JS
  • React Native

These skills are also in-demand at the best freelancing sites. Therefore, these skills are technical in nature but can be learn if you have interest in it. You will find a decent number of projects related to these skills posted regularly at the freelance marketplaces especially, at and

We just want to say that if you are interest in then learn it and practice it to establish a handsome and trending business of your own at freelancing industry.  

However, apart from these skills, there are many more skills that also have value for doing business and earning something good. You just need to explore it according to your interests, skills, and education.  

In the end, I just want to say Learn any of the skill and land into the freelancing industry to explore the limitless opportunities that are waiting for You.

Wish you a Good Luck

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