Business Ideas: New Shields for business Knights at the heart of COVID-19

When a chivalry creates wonders through his shield, What would New Shields for business Knights do without it?

A gallant businessman is he, who detects the upcoming fiascoes and turns to be proactive. He rides on the horse of success, holds the bridles of bravery and heads off eyeing for the risks because he truly perceives

“Higher risks carry higher profits”. Similarly, a list of happenings has occurred amidst current year and COVID-19 is absolutely topping in the list. albeit, numerous business-oriented minds emerged.

New Shields for business Knights inspired ideas in the wake of pandemic and flagged off their success.

As COVID 19 has shaded abominably on the New Shields for business Knights  sectors and it has abysmally ravaged the incomes of people.

Businesses have been facing lower demands for their products, befalling levels of revenues, abounding costs, hiking up lay-offs of the employees.

consequently spiking up the unemployment in the countries.

Hold on! This is not the end of the world de facto, still dawns appear, flowers bloom, stars twinkle, faces shine , achievements await you.

so, go and hit the nail directly on head. By the same token, there are still lots of grounds opened for you to uplift your New Shields for business Knights and become successful in this arena. Here are the must-have business ideas which wouldn’t motivate you only but also inspire you hoist the flag of your business success. These business ideas will work as new shields for business knights. Here you go!

  • Online Meeting Platforms for enhanced engagements

One of the first business ideas is going online for rendering the services and earning and handsome amount of money to sustain even during the outbreak of pandemic. Recent statistics are vividly showing the prominence of the online platforms to start of business.

Various published reports and studies have highlighted that “Zoom”, an online meeting app has profiteered.

even in Corona outbreak when other sectors are being battered via lock-downs. The shares of the Zoom app have soared by 50% which quite rigorously inspires and motivates you to go for New Shields for business Knights and become successful.

Another online meeting app is “Microsoft team” which efficiently aids in engaging the team members, managers, employees and workers to communicate and run business Knightsthe business amazingly. Hence, online meeting app is one of the well-proven ideas for 2020 amidst COVID-19.

  • Online Streaming Services for the customers

Recent statistics of the studies have made hilarious revelations and sent a tremor in the business sectors. The online streaming-service providers such as “YouTube and Netflix” have also earned a lot during this pandemic.

As masses are free all over the globe due to lock-downs and spend their time watching Netflix series and YouTube channels.

which have burdened the streaming services yet minted millions of dollars.

De facto, this is an amazing business idea for you to start over and become business knight.

  • Online Teaching Apps for uninterrupted Schooling

One of the new shields and business ideas are online platforms for teaching and schooling the children. Nothing is behind the curtain because everything is like an open book now and everyone understands the vulnerable conditions.

Comprehending these apprehensions, online teaching app such as “Google Classroom” have made a jaw-breaking difference and earned a huge amount even in this pandemic.

This is the promising idea for you to start an online teaching app and ease down the uninterrup learning and schooling.

  • E-learning and Online Coaching services for skilling the unskilled

Owning the skills and transmitting them to the unskill is the major obligation lying on the shoulders of the coach, trainer or a teacher. Apropos, coach always aspires to make difference in lives of aspirants by being genuine.

It not only a great act but also worth-earning in this abominable outbreak. When teachers and trainers are coming across the dismissal from their organizations in already weak economies then COVID-19 has hit the nail on the coffin too.

One of the latest surveys has brought into light a US home gym equipment supplier .

which has observed an increase in shares by 14% as demand of the produced was proliferated during lock-down. Trainers and instructors are buying them for their Online Coaching and e-learning platforms. So, this business idea provides you two-edged way-out, either kicking off a new startup or gearing an online coaching channel.

Therefore, online teaching platforms are the one of the best business and earning ideas. You can go for a YouTube channel and online coaching services for training the untrained and skilling the unskilled. Either it is related to fitness, workout, cooking, education or any other wonderful expertise.

  • Online Retail Services inspired by the Sainsbury of Britain

In the race, when everyone is going online, the supermarkets, retail shops and wholesales are not behind.  has brought the British retail supermarket “Sainsbury” into the limelight as its shares.

It isn’t surreal as it is a flash-like reality which is bagging millions of dollars even in the midst of COVID-19.

A well-evident investigation via prestigious institutions has enough potency to inspire and motivate you for an online business and retail services. Even, in Pakistan, many new small businesses and ventures have been started and supporting their families. Be it, an online sale of clothes, shoes, accessories, foods or vegetables and many more. Apart from these, online retail services may also include:

  • Masks
  • Medicines
  • Disinfectants
  • Health Care facilities
  • Sanitizers
  • Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) for the health workers
  • Virtual Companies for online assistance

As various business ideas are distinct and indispensably unique but “Virtual Assistance” is a bit older yet worth-earning. You can render your services by initiating an online “Virtual business” and start earning form it. It is not about what is old and what is new, rather what is more beneficial and lucrative in business to become resilient and ending up with a huge success.

So, you can sell whatever you are best at, via offering your online assistance. You can make your profiles on “Fiverr”, “Instagram” and “Facebook”. You can start your business solely or put up collaborations with other professionals and agencies. Business ideas and services may also include web designing, digital marketing and content writing as well.

  • Healthcare services and Online Consultation In the wake of Infodemic

This is the high time. Wait! High time for what? Actually, when you all are bombarde with the huge level of misinformation then it comes out in the face of “Infodemic”. Social media platforms .

WhatsApp users mainly bombard with consultations and remedies which aggravate the health conditions rather than improving it.

The online healthcare consultation is one of the best business ideas and has proven a “Positive sum” game. As it will not only guide the masses but also help the medics sustain amidst battering and weakening financial times. It is the best business to start sitting in your home on your comfortable cushions.

Succinctly, he who knows where to hit at the right time and what new shields are; is a genuine business knight and his gallantry leads him to the success heights. So, what are you waiting for? You have these astounding business ideas and information.

identify the best one for you and start over a thriving business journey even in this Pandemic.

So, Put on a smile on your face and tell us, which business idea has incited you to kick-start?


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